I manufacture all Benjamin and The Moon pieces in Perth, Western Australia, by hand. I believe in supporting local business and ethically made goods.

I strongly feel that if we, as consumers, all tried to use our spending power more wisely we could contribute to a better world. 

A cheap piece of jewellery or other consumer item might seem like a bargain but remember there is always a cost somewhere down the line. 

By supporting companies who make such goods you are potentially saying ok to completely unethical practices such as child labour, cruelty, dangerous working conditions and other forms of exploitation. 

Often this is in developing countries but it also happens right here in Australia.

I always attempt to ensure that, on the whole, my pieces are as close as possible to being entirely made by me – and if a component is bought in I always try to source it responsibly. On the occasion I need to purchase a component or stone, I always try to source it from a supplier who can provide some information on where it came from and / or how it was made. I try to only use suppliers who manufacture their goods with as small of an environmental and social impact as possible.

By choosing ethically made products you are standing up for what is right and that is a beautiful thing! Go you!