My name is Kim and I design and hand make jewellery from my home studio in Perth, Western Australia.

Jewellery is something that I have loved since I was a very little girl. Sitting with my Mother and Nanna, looking through our family treasures and discussing the stories behind each piece, was something we did often. I became so interested in this that I went on to study jewellery history, design and manufacturing after graduating from high school.

Whilst it can take on varying meaning for everyone, the aspect that I really, truly love the most about jewellery is that it has been used across cultures to adorn, excite and celebrate women since the very early days of human existence. For me, jewellery is a way of owning our femininity and all the beautiful things that come with that.

Due to its precious nature jewellery also has the potential to last for centuries, allowing the stories and meaning that attach themselves to each piece live on and on. I love that.

My style is eclectic, but I must say I have a particular weakness for fun, whimsical, vintage, symbolic and nature inspired design.

The decision to turn this little adventure into a business was inspired by my biggest loves and greatest creations – my two little boys.

Benjamin And The Moon is named after my oldest son. The moon was one of the first things he marvelled at as a baby; it was one of his first words.

The focus of my work is high quality finish and craftsmanship, originality and ethically sourced materials. It means the world to me to be honouring women with every item I make and even more so when the client is involved in designing their own bespoke piece. The recipient is in the forefront of my mind as I work on each item so I do hope that my energy, intention and love for what I do is carried through into the jewellery.